Foreclosures Spike – Opportunity to Make Money with Foreclosures!

Whether Americans will vote Republican or Democrat in the Presidential Election of 2012, the plan to create steady jobs is lacking from both sides. In reality, politicians do NOT create jobs or brainstorm on how the public can make money, business owners do. It is time Americans look to the experts – the entrepreneurs – for advice.

Meet The Investors Corp. is launching a program where foreclosure locators (with or without previous experience) link up with a network of over 12,000 investors. This will create a new flood of income as locators make 9% commission – that is $9,000 off of a $100,000 deal. The real estate investors will make greater commissions considering they are using their money for the purchase and renovation of the property.

The renovation of the foreclosure properties will also bring much needed income into communities such as Baltimore, Maryland that is gearing up for a foreclosure flood within the next 6 months. According to the Baltimore Sun, Maryland has the highest number of foreclosure filings in the nation. This not only creates an income opportunity for locators and investors in the Meet The Investors program, but for local contractors, plumbers, etc.

In his Fox Business blog, “Politicians Can’t Create Real Jobs,” John Stossel mentions that a former New Mexico Gov. Gary Johnson, admitted that he has created “not one single job. … Government does not create jobs.” Instead, Americans must take the reigns while the government steps aside, allowing for economic freedom and prosperity.

Meet The Investors program was created by an entrepreneur, for the entrepreneur. Its principal, Dr. Harsimran Singh has over 30 years of experience in real estate and has authored 13 books including  “How 12 Immigrants Made Billions: 12 Keys to Success.” When seeking advice on how to create jobs, Americans must stop seeking advice from politicians and instead look to entrepreneurs such as Dr. Harsimran Singh that have already accomplished such.

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