New Program Created By ‘Meet The Investors’ Allows For Everyone From Experienced Brokers To Those Without Any Real Estate Experience To More Money by Finding Foreclosures

‘Meet The Investors’ has opened a new opportunity for real estate brokers and non-experienced individuals alike to earn 9%+ commission on locating foreclosures. While brokers usually earn 2-6% commission, they can now increase their commission by becoming a member of the program. The new nationwide ‘Meet The Investors’ program also allows anyone interested in foreclosures to locate such properties and unite with an investor to purchase and sell it.

Real Estate brokers & agents are exposed to multiple foreclosures ahead of others, allowing for them to have an advantage over everyone else. By becoming locators with ‘Meet The Investors’, brokers can now earn additional commissions without necessarily putting in more work than they already do.

Brokers have an understanding of the real estate market, are updated on the information and are already in the business. Meet The Investors is simply a program offering them an additional commission for what they already do. For brokers that are looking to invest into properties as well, joint deals can be made with investors through the programs as well, yielding a split-profit. However, investing is not required.

For those individuals that are not learned in real estate, ‘Meet The Investors’ provides a step-by-step guidance for their members in an easy-to-comprehend manual. This 280-page manual was written and compiled by Meet The Investors’ principals who have over 30 years of experience in foreclosures. All members also receive a free copy of A to Z of Foreclosures-Real Estate Worth Millions Acquired With $101 authored by the Meet The Investors’ creator, Dr. Harsimran Singh.

For its locators, the program provides access to a software that indicates if the foreclosure deal found is profitable and if so, finds an investor for that property. ‘Meet The Investors’ has a network of over 12,000 real estate investors that are ready to invest in foreclosed homes. Once a foreclosure is found by the locator, the program unites the locator with an interested investor.

The declined real estate market is a gold mine for those that are taking the right steps. Individuals that are to take advantage of this opportunity now could see profits of $9,000 for a $100,000 deal and much higher for high priced properties. With the rising amount of foreclosures to be available on the market nationwide, this could mean an additional 6-figure income for members.

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