The breakdown of the real estate market is the primary driver of the recent recession and economic crisis because of declining property values combined with defaulting mortgages. There is a new foreclosure filing every 8 seconds nationwide. Government programs have been created to stimulate the economy and stabilize the real estate market. However, initiatives by the government need to be supplemented by the efforts of innovative organizations like us.

A solution lies in educating people to become employers. The government spends a lot of money for different programs but there is not enough done to educate people on how to be self-employed and to become entrepreneurs. Buying foreclosures is a simple business model yet there are hardly any efforts being made to educate people about foreclosures. For each property that is purchased, there are a number of individuals employed. The properties must be renovated - thus employing brokers, title companies, attorneys, construction workers and others.

There is a way that these foreclosed houses can stimulate the economy and create employment sooner rather than later. Current recession has created tremendous opportunities to buy foreclosures at deep discounts of 30%, 40% , 50% or more. A lot of people may want to take advantage of this golden opportunity but may not be able to do it for the following two reasons:

1. They may have the time, energy and desire to buy foreclosures but they don’t have the money to buy them

2. They may have the money which is earning them only 1-2% interest in the bank but they don’t have the time and expertise to find foreclosures

Our goal is to connect the above two categories of the people so they both could earn anywhere from 9% to 50% or higher returns.


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