-Michelle Zere,
  Real Estate Broker

“I’ve been active in real estate for over 20 years. Mr. Singh’s book A to Z Foreclosures is a powerful match of being both motivating and insightful. The step by step analysis of real estate deals cannot be found elsewhere. Not in an MBA program or a real estate seminar. The knowledge gained reading his book is truly unsurpassed and I highly recommend it.”


- Reverend Gary Smith

“Some say Dr. Singh is a super genius author and other pastors have written that he is truly a man of God. I agree that he is a man of wisdom and integrity. 10 years have passed by and even today now and then people say they are blessed by his books. Dr. Singh’s books have changed their lives. I read through Dr. Singh’s book on real estate and I am sure this book will be a top hit and source of great education for the ordinary people to make money in real estate. God bless Dr. Singh. I pray that he keeps serving humanity through his knowledge, experience and his good heart.”


-Sarveen-Hora,  Entrepreneur

“My family is in the clothing business. We have never done investments in real estate before. With all the knowledge we gained from Dr. Singh our first investment was buying a shopping center in Ft. Lauderdale, FL. We had to close before midnight of the thirty first of the New Year. It’s amazing how much you can benefit when banks want to get rid of a mortgage from their records for the tax year. Dr. Singh provides tremendous knowledge about foreclosures in his book.”


-John Kalin, Prudential  Real Estate Advisor

“With over 19 years of experience as a real estate investor and developer I have new perspective on how to maximize my potential for real estate income after reading A to Z of Foreclosures. I don’t recommend just reading the conclusion but if you’re short of time it will change your life. Dr. Singh’s book A to Z of Foreclosures gives a detailed step-by-step process for anyone who has the enthusiasm for success in real estate. Through strength forward examples and personal experiences A to Z leads both the beginner and the experienced investor to financial freedom.”


-Dayan Anand,

“My family is in the perfume business. We were living in a small house. With the knowledge with gained in real estate from Dr. Singh we now live in this magnificent house on two acres. Even in such bad market conditions this house should be appraised about $1 million or more than our purchase price. Dr. Singh’s books should be in every house who want to live the American Dream.”


- Kip Burweger,
 Attorney at Law

“I’ve been a real estate lawyer for over 30 years and I have never run across a book like this. Dr. Singh’s book is a source of knowledge for everyone. That includes anyone who has never invested in real estate before and the most experienced persons including real estate brokers and sales associates studying for their licenses. Dr. Singh’s book contains all the keys to unlocking the secrets to building wealth through foreclosure properties. I highly recommend his book.”


- Bob Chiarello,

“I’m a real estate investor, contractor and mortgage banker. I recently read Dr. Singh’s book A to Z of Foreclosures. I really think it could help anyone in today’s day and age to learn the real estate market. It gives some fantastic definitions of what you need to do and how you need to do it in today’s market.”


- Marie Zere, Real Estate Broker/Investor

“I have a commercial real estate firm for more than 32 years. In fact, I owned an industrial park that was 42 acres with 82,000 square feet in buildings. I’ve covered all aspects of commercial real estate and I’ve also done large residential sub-divisions. I can tell you I read this book and I was very impressed with how easily it is written and how easy it is for the average person to understand. I think this book would be terrific for anyone who wants to assemble a real estate portfolio and make that portfolio recession proof.”


-Mike Maffettone,
  Real Estate Investor

“I’m a private real estate investor and since the age of 16 have been involved in real estate in one way or another. It’s a career, hobby and passion of mine. I’ve come across many other books, teaching and writings of this type. I have not been more educated than another as I have by Dr. Singh’s. In a 3 month time period I have made investments in five foreclosed single family homes all at 50% or lower of their appraised value and all of the teachings and strategies of Dr. Singh’s book. In that same 3 months, I’ve placed offers on hundreds of homes and commercial properties and expect to invest in all that I choose at 50% or lower than the current market value again using Dr. Singh’s strategies. Most of these properties will be tenanted by government guaranteed tenants to ensure my investment has a minimal amount of risk with the maximum amount of income potential.”


- Paul Elliott, Real Estate Developer

“I’m the owner of Prudential Commercial Real Estate of Long Island. I have bought foreclosures since 1974. That’s over 35 years. I have about a million square feet of real estate, apartment complexes, office buildings, single family homes and industrial buildings. People have asked me ‘what is the key to my success?’ And after reading A to Z of Foreclosures it describes the process perfectly. The mechanical process, the personal discipline that’s necessary to succeed. I highly recommend this book to the beginner or the professional.”


- Firoz Visra,
  Real Estate Investor

“When I met Dr. Singh neither did I have any money nor anything else in my name. Dr. Singh provided me step by step guidance. With his help now I have real estate worth about $2 million dollars. If I had not met Dr. Singh I could have been filling up bags in a grocery store. I am happy he wrote a book on real estate foreclosures for people like me.”


- Daniel Padernacht, Attorney at Law

“I’m an attorney in New York. I have represented Dr. Singh in various real estate transactions. I have read his new book A to Z of Foreclosures and I believe it is in an excellent resource not only for foreclosure investors but for all real estate professionals and even students who are looking for an informational overview on various methods on completing real estate transactions. I highly recommend this book.”


- Punit, Attorney at Law

“I’m Dr. Singh’s daughter as well as an attorney. I have grown up following his principles in real estate. Even as beginners, my brothers and I have successfully invested over $300,000 dollars in foreclosure properties. Currently those investments stand at $600,000 dollars within one month. His book is simple and everyone can gain from it. You don’t have to be an expert in real estate to understand the book. And moreover, I believe this book will help you on Earth the single biggest investment opportunity in our country as this time.”


- Katia Lundy,

“Dr. Singh’s book How 12 Immigrants Made Billions: 12 Keys to Success gives you a positive outlook on what you can accomplish when you set priorities in order. It’s a stimulating read for all. It provides the key steps to accomplishing your goals.”


- Lori Frucht,

“In today’s difficult times, this book has helped me see how I can achieve success even with little money to start. The examples of 12 immigrants who used these keys to go from having practically nothing to becoming billionaires is incredibly inspiring. This book has transformed my life.”


- James Ashworth,

“I’m here to tell you about a couple of Dr. Singh’s books. How 12 Immigrants Made Billions asks you to look at your life and wake up, stop complaining and take action. And 26 Steps which is free with this offer tells a great story about self-discipline, devotion and giving. It makes you feel like you’ve known Dr. Singh for years. I found myself looking towards this book for daily guidance.”


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